Soltis Perform Roller Blinds

Effortless Roller Blinds suitable for Sliding Doors, Bifolding doors, Verandas and Pergolas
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Soltis Perform

Our blinds seamlessly merge thermal and mechanical excellence, ensuring your spaces not only look great but also perform efficiently and endure the test of time. As effective heat shields, they significantly enhance the energy efficiency of buildings. Installed externally, these blinds absorb and reflect up to 97% of the sun’s heat, ensuring optimal, glare-free visibility to the outdoors. With a focus on resistance, dimensional stability, and utilizing the exclusive patented technology of Serge Ferrari Précontraint, our blinds are thin, lightweight, and reliable. The extensive palette of 50 colours, including innovative metallic finishes like aluminium, gold, and copper, provides a stylish touch. Moreover, these textiles are 100% recyclable, demonstrating our commitment to sustainability through the patented Texyloop® technology.

Key information

Openness factor 4%

Weight 420 g/m² 12.3 oz/sq.yd EN ISO 2286-2

Thickness 0.45 mm 450 microns

Width 177 cm – 267 cm 69.6 in – 105.1 in


Roll length

Standard piece size: 177 cm 69.6 in 50 lm 54.6 yd

Standard piece size: 267 cm 105.1 in 40 lm 43.7 yd


Physical properties

Tensile resistance (warp/weft) 310/210 daN/5 cm EN ISO 1421


Tear resistance (warp/weft) 45/20 daN DIN 53.363

Colour Options

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